Welcome to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne Cottage Holidays

The Holy Island of Lindisfarne is a wonderful holiday destination at any time of the year. Ideal for families, walkers, nature lovers, birdwatchers, those interested in our cultural heritage or those who just want a place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Lindisfarne Priory and Holy Island Castle are within easy reach, as are the sandy beaches, the harbour and the stunning scenery.

Bring your camera to capture the views, and your walking shoes to enjoy the fresh air. Kids should bring their buckets and spades to explore the beaches and rock pools and their kites for windy days. If you listen carefully you will hear the howling of the seals at low tide.

The special nature of Lindisfarne was recognised by the monks when they founded their monastery here in 635. Today this special nature is protected by its designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), a conservation area, and its position within the Northumberland Coastal area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Holy Island has been dubbed by Magnus Magnusson as “The Cradle of Christianity” and acclaimed as being one of the most romantic countryside locations in Britain by TV’s Coast presenter Neil Oliver. It is the ideal spot for those who are looking for their perfect holiday with interesting places to explore, beautiful scenery, sea and sand, and the pleasure of watching the tide come up knowing you have “escaped” everyday life for a little while.

Lindisfarne Castle 


  • Romantic 16th-century castle with spectacular views, transformed by Lutyens into an Edwardian holiday home.
  • Intimate decoration and design by Lutyens
  • Perched atop a rocky island crag, accessible only by causeway
  • Charming Getrude Jekyll walled-garden
  • Fantastic views of Farne Island and Bamburgh Castle
  • Well-preserved lime kilns


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